Users' opportunities
Each user can:
  1. Make friends.
  2. Buy a planet and make it most popular in Galaxy.
  3. Get married (the sexual orientation of the couple is not important), divorce, have children.
  4. Keep pets.
  5. Create and lead a gang or join any existing gang.
  6. Add photos (via mobile or computer).
  7. Take part in photo contests.
  8. Send e-mails and SMS-messages directly from the chat.
  9. Buy things in the shop, give and receive presents.
  10. Change the character's look.
  11. Decorate his/her planet.
  12. Publish public and personal blogs.
  13. Keep public and personal blogs
  14. Take part in quizzes, sport betting, GalaFootball. Become a top player!
  ...and much more

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